||  Level 1  ||

|| Operating At Level 1 ||

Hello Loin Lovers,


We are now at alert level 1. Business operations are now as per usual. Clients are asked to keep their own private record of their movements for contact tracing.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work and collective commitment, we have all made such a big difference!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

With warm lips

Bella Petite xx

|| When We See Each Other ||

I am really looking forward to seeing you all. Now that we are in level 1, I ask you to keep your own private record of your movements for contact tracing.

Please remember that the following still applies

1. I will not be accepting any bookings with anyone who is sick or feeling unwell.

2. Protection is always required regardless of Covid 19.

3. Strict hygiene practices are always used, but as a reminder, you must shower before our booking and

     frequently wash your hands.

4. I use anti-viral cleaning products before and after all bookings to clean all surfaces including bed linen.

If you are contacted for contact tracing, you must tell me.