More than just Sex

More than just Sex

If you really want to know Bella, experience Bella, then you really need to read her new book; More Than Just Sex, it's a window into her heart and soul.


In an industry where we are encouraged to hide who we are; to pretend to be someone we're not when we are with you, Bella's new book More Than Just Sex gives you a rare glimpse into her journey as a personable companion.

Come experience her uninterrupted mind and ride along with her as she leads you through the journey of becoming the professional and beautiful Bella Petite that you know and love.

With warm lips,

Bella Petite xx







What People Are Saying About More Than Just Sex 

“Hello Bella, wow that is amazingly well written. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


“… I think it’s such a powerful example of challenging stigma through writing.”


“Loved it! Beautifully written. The piece about your clients, and what you do for them is amazing… Your power to heal is phenomenal, and seriously under-utilised in this mixed up world.”