Love The Curves

Love The Curves

About Love the Curves

Hello Erotica lovers, Bella Petite here, questions have been asked about Love The Curves, I found your curiosity exciting & decided an interview format Q & A to reply.

Q: What do you shoot?
A: I shoot semi and full naked photos in playful moments of nudity, some posing in lingerie. I then applied either watercolour, sketch or crayon filters on top of those photos, then cropped and zoomed in on certain areas to create erotica instead of pornography.​

Q: What is your photobook about?
A: It’s about enjoying female curves through the lenses of art, fun and imagination. It's about an alternative point of view to how our delicious curves can be enjoyed.​

Q: Where did the creative inspiration come from?
A: It came from seeing the recurring theme of pornography in advertising female bodies for sex work. I wanted to give men and women an alternative to just pornography so I created these photos with that in mind.​

Q: Why feature this different view?
A: You don’t see sex workers selling eroticism, you see them selling pornography and I get that, it is how we have been doing if for a long time now. But I decided to feature this because I wanted to give myself permission to advertise my sex work from a different perspective.​

Q: Why is this important?
A: Because we live in a world where men are breaking their backs to have a six pack and women are dying to be beautiful according to standards that literally have very little to do with actual beauty and true masculinity. I will start by giving permission to myself to show my own standard of beauty and I want to pay that permission forward to you.​

With warm lipsBella xx