• Bella Petite

What is wrong with what I do?

The end of a day an escorts working day she wonders she hides she pays attention to all the lies lies about her work who she is as a person she wrestles in silence for her right to be free she opens the door another life she will see feel, touch and breath both are humbled the world is better he is happy and she is richer they go their ways and live their lives the wives they wonder why hubby revives the lust in his stare the smack on her bum a whisper to her ear you've always been the one and the escort who is richer she is breaking free centuries of oppression now has a future she can see a bank account is opened and money she does save to show her little children where there is a will there is a way their little faces sparkle with their bellies full at school 20 years to come she has saved them from the cruel fate of poverty and endless empty dreams now turned into realities for their birthright to gleam