What else are you investing in when you make that financial exchange?

Dear Gents, I wanted to share a little with you about what else you are investing in when you and I make that financial exchange. Every month 5% to 7% of my earnings of what i receive directly from client bookings are donated to an organization seeking to improve the quality of peoples lives. Some months it may be the same organization, while other months may be different. Some of these organizations are below. Skylight - For children suffering from grief, trauma and loss of parents. Women's Refuge Safe Night - For women needing immediate safety and house from DV. Tough Talk - For men battling difficult thoughts and feelings of depression

Now here is where you come into it. I have an important question for you. Do you have an organization that you would like next months donation to go to? Drop me a link below or DM or email me at and share your suggestions with me.

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