• Bella Petite

Help stop the spread of Covid 19

Hello gents, I so get it far more than you may realise. My loins still rage with passion, my thighs still quiver with delicious sensual hot erotic sexy thoughts and I WANT SEX as much as you do, in fact, probably more to be honest. BUT PLEASE don't request person to person services with me while we are right in the middle of a pandemic that makes AIDS look like a walk in the park. If that is something you need to think about then that makes me feel nervous.

I and the rest of my career, industry, and life need you also to be responsible so I can pass your massive effort on to my clients, my family, my community.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping to think about this and helping me out by just waiting until we can meet up and get wild again.

With warm loins squeezing deep anticipation for when we can meet again.

Bella Petite xx