• Bella Petite

Deep sea divers lack of oxygen

So today is not the day I write the sequel to 'Bellas' uncensored thoughts on her first day' but it is the day I write something completely different.

When I first saw the little black caption that read "Escort Diaries" I wondered how I would use this to market myself. I looked at other profiles, saw what they were doing and felt, well, I felt, bored at the prospect I having to mentally turn everything I do into a marketing tool, when the reality is, sex work still has so much stigma around it that if anything, I'm experiencing a deep-sea divers lack of oxygen and have a real need to be real, just like a bank manager or a Dr can be about who they are in their work.

It is Sunday morning, windy as hell outside, but warm inside with my artificial heating. It has the nickname of "Heat God". I am wearing Grey track pants, that sit too loosely around my tiny shaped hips, a big grey oversized T-shirt which thank god, give my gigantic but firm breasts room to swing in, I have the worlds most amazing breasts to spend all day with and I have contemplatively sat down in front of my computer and pushed pause on the audible book I'm listening to for a second time.... to write to you!

So here I am listening to Thriving in sex work, by Lola Davina when I get the urge to write. "what's going on?" I ask myself, why do I feel so compelled to just turn the computer on and start tapping little square buttons on my board. Why do I have this strong desire to communicate with you out there what goes on in here?

Two reasons and one is a tiny spoiler alert but relieving at the same time.

1: Because like every other human I have an intrinsic need to feel seen, heard and acknowledged. The discovery of "Mirror Neurons in the '90s showed us just exactly how this is wired into us. This means you now have further scientific evidence to back up your need for sex, intimacy, companionship, love etc. at any given time of the day, not just between the hours of ........ insert your demanded time frame here

2: When reading Lola's book, that is exactly what I experienced, feeling and being seen heard and acknowledged, firstly as a sex worker and secondly as a human, hence I have the antidote to lack of deep-sea divers oxygen. Now I am equipped.


Gentlemen, though the book is written for sex workers, I would highly recommend reading it yourself. It is like a glue for the moral and educational fabric of society. What is not to love here.

Signing off for this windy but glorious Sunday, and wishing you a bit more relaxation in your body and brains.

Bella Petite xx