• Bella Petite

Bellas' uncensored thoughts on her first day

Hello gentlemen, welcome to inside my mind, my memories and my heart.

“Deep breaths, just take some big deep breaths”.

This is what I say to myself as I muster up what courage I have. I convince myself that saying this is the cure to enable me to commit the unspeakable act. An act which sits on a lavish chrome and leather stool, two minutes into my unknown future.

I stand half-dressed, cold and incredibly nervous in the middle of a long rectangular dressing room. Nervous that someone will recognize who I am, or that I don’t perform to their standards or worst of all, that there might be a rude, rough, demanding man waiting and wanting for my body to pleasure his without taking "ME" into consideration. It is that thought which makes me feel the sickest.

My tired eyes flicker from left to right then straight ahead of me. I’m halfway through scanning my surroundings as I realize nobody cares about this room, let alone the people who stand in it. I spin around on one foot, I see directly behind me is another small rectangular room with no door. This room is lit so bright that it takes every bit of my eyes not to water.

“Oh Jesus Christ,” I say in my head, “Are these people for real?”

Eventually, the clarity of what I see before me is far less than impressive. On a light pink tattered piece of A4 paper, there is a message for all those who use these facilities. “Do not use this toilet as it does not function properly”.

Right, so what they are really trying to say is "we can’t be bothered fixing your toilet and putting heating in your changing room because we just don’t actually give a toss about you." Well, that’s the message I got anyway.

The smell in the room is tainted with cigarettes and sweet perfume, so much so that I take quick shallow breathes as the air tastes too toxic to breathe in. This goes against any chance of feeling less nauseous and the probability of puking up now is pretty damn good.

"I can’t do this, how can I get around it, shit what am I doing here, why can’t someone just save me for once."

My head is going out of control with fear, I can’t think straight and now everything in my mind is drawing to a blank. I’m guessing this is the only way I can cope. I make a snap decision to pull myself together along with the tight lace cords wrapping around my delicate lingerie. I straighten my 45 kg petite frame, adjust my large F cup breasts, check my black silk and lace thigh high stockings, run the zipper up along the side of size 6 my mini crushed red velvet dress and buckle the straps of my mat black stilettos.

I stand in front of the full-size dress mirror and are hit with distraction upon looking. "Good god I look beautiful." I confidently walk through the dented wooden door frame and into a room of warmth,

luxury, sophistication, and men! lots of men.


Bella Petites' Diary xx