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“It's a massive oversimplification to think that a man's sexual desire is "as plain as the erection in his pants."

(Plante in Jaffe, 2012)

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Hello Erotica lovers, Bella Petite here, questions have been asked about Love The Curves, I found your curiosity exciting & decided to interview format Q & A for you.


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Q: What do you shoot?


A: I shoot semi and full naked photos in playful moments of nudity, some posing in lingerie. I then applied either watercolour, sketch or crayon filters on top of those photos, then cropped and zoomed in on certain areas to create erotica instead of pornography.

Q: What is your photobook about?


A: It’s about enjoying female curves through the lenses of art, fun and imagination. It's about an alternative point of view to how our delicious curves can be enjoyed.

Q: Where did the creative inspiration come from?


A: It came from seeing the recurring theme of pornography in advertising female bodies for sex work. I wanted to give men and women an alternative to just pornography so I created these photos with that in mind.

Q: Why feature this different view?


A: You don’t see sex workers selling eroticism, you see them selling pornography and I get that, it is how we have been doing if for a long time now. But I decided to feature this because I wanted to give myself permission to advertise my sex work from a different perspective.

Q: Why is this important?


A: Because we live in a world where men are breaking their backs to have a six pack and women are dying to be beautiful according to standards that literally have very little to do with actual beauty and true masculinity. I will start by giving permission to myself to show my own standard of beauty and I want to pay that permission forward to you.

With warm lips

Bella xx

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With warm lips, Bella Petite xx

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“Hello Bella, wow that is amazingly well written. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


“… I think it’s such a powerful example of challenging stigma through writing.”


“Loved it! Beautifully written. The piece about your clients, and what you do for them is amazing… Your power to heal is phenomenal, and seriously under-utilised in this mixed up world.”