Causes Donated To

Together We Give Back To Causes Most Dearest To You.

When you choose to spend your money on my services, that is not taken for granted, it is taken for what it is.  "Your well-considered investment.  And together we give back to causes most dearest to you."


Hello there, step in closer as I share a little with you about what else you are investing in when you and I make that financial exchange.


Every month a portion of my earnings of what I receive directly from client bookings and what you donate to me directly is donated to an organisation seeking to improve the quality of people's lives, animals' lives, and the life of our environment.


Each month you and others choose which cause you would like to see donations go to.  Some places that have been donated to so far are below.  October we raised $500 for Heart Kids.

Skylight - For Children suffering from grief, trauma & loss of parents.


Women's Refuge Safe Night - For Women needing immediate safety and housing from DV.


Movember - For Men battling difficult thoughts and feelings of depression.


Now, here is where you come into it, I have an important question for you.


What organisation would you like next month's donations to go to? Leave me a message at