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You Choose My Services Because You Get So Much More Than A Physical Connection

“I want my clients to really understand that my top priority is that they receive the exact service they are wanting. I encourage them to ask me any question no matter how ‘dumb or embarrassing’ their question may seem. I make it a point to personally respond to or ask questions via a phone conversation if this is their preference and I’ll spend whatever time is necessary to answer the question to my client’s satisfaction both via text or phone conversation."

“This is not always standard operating procedure in the Adult Entertainment industry. I don’t know many providers who make the extra time to explore in-depth the client’s questions, needs, and desires or allow the clients the opportunity to connect with them via a warm and relaxing phone call first before their booking.  It’s more common for providers to respond to client’s questions via text only and often they don’t encourage a phone conversation or make time to find out exactly what the client is wanting. Sometimes the service the client is actually wanting is not what they end up receiving."


“It comes down to priorities. I’m in business to create quality human encounters and lifetime clients because in my experience when you treat someone with care and respect, and really listen for what they are wanting, you get it absolutely right for them and they keep coming back."

"Just recently I spent time with a gentleman who came to me after having a bad experience. He was very grateful for the time I had spent with him in conversation finding out exactly what he was wanting prior to our booking.   A couple of days after our booking I received a beautiful colourful bouquet of flowers and a gorgeous gold trimmed card that simply said “Thank You Bella!”

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