I'm 44 years old,

My nationality is Italian/Kiwi,

My dress size is 6,

My eyes are hazel

I have long dark & luscious hair, with an AMAZING F cup bust &

I'm 5 foot 2 in height.

I'm a deep thinker & often find myself-looking at the big picture. I enthusiastically believe in raising the bar. 

|| About Me ||

|| Go Deep, Really Deep! ||

I'm a deep thinker & often find myself-looking at the big picture. I enthusiastically believe in raising the bar. My desire is for you, the client, to confidently know without hesitation you are employing my services with the same level of trust, quality & professional etiquette & accountability you would expect from any other highly successful business. 

At the core of this is my deepest desire to create a service especially for you & I that encompasses trust, safety, clear communication & relaxation to provide an experience of quality human connection.

I believe this industry is still striving to openly achieve this for both genders due to long standing taboo & stigma. This has been my experience & observations.

Why do I do this as my job?

Why is it so important?

The evidence is overwhelming, we are born to thrive in the company of quality companionship. Without it, we unnecessarily suffer or die.

As a young person the delectable sensations of touching myself & delighting in touch with others was much to everyone’s horror an obvious joy to me, a joy that could not be stopped. In my short years of wisdom & deep bouts of loneliness it continues to remain abundantly apparent the Innate need for human connection is essential for not just survival but to have quality experiences in our lives that are a long-lasting pleasure to reflect on & thrive forward with.

In addition to this, nothing catapulted me further out of generations of poverty quite like the act of hiring my body, mind, and spirit out for intimate companionship services. I see how this could piss some people off.

It is a privilege for me to provide this incredibly complex yet deeply rewarding service for you & with you, there is an undeniable mutual benefit that goes far beyond the sheets, streets, & propaganda athletes. What I & millions of other incredible women provide is so much MORE THAN JUST SEX.

Without further ado, welcome to me, you & everything that happens in between....

With exceptionally warm lips

Bella Petite xx

|| Some of My Favourite Things ||

Colour: Red

Food: Italian

Movie: Butterfly Effect

Music: From Black Sabbath to Pavarotti, &

a generous Lady Gaga lover

Perfume: Addict by Christian Dior & 

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Lingerie Brand: Bras 'n' Things

Treat: Day Spa voucher, Butlers chocolate

& a stay at the Hilton

Connecting: Play with me, talk with me, laugh & be deeply naughty with me